Regular Freezer Racks or Drawer Freezer Racks

When it comes to freezer racks, there are a variety of options to choose from regarding size, type, and quantity. For upright low temp freezers, the two most common types of racks are regular upright freezer racks for storage boxes and drawer freezer racks for storage boxes. But what really differentiates the two?

drawer freezer racks vs regular freezer racks

First let’s take a look at the regular rack. Designed to easily slide storage boxes in an out, this type of rack is one of the most standard types. This rack simply slides in and out of the freezer allowing you to see each individual box from a side view. Many customers find this overall view efficient when they need to locate a specific labeled box and not sure of where it is in the rack.

Drawer racks on the other hand, provide a more ergonomically friendly approach. Although you cannot view every box within the rack at once, these racks contain individual drawers on each layer to easily retrieve what you are looking for without removing the entire rack. The metal on metal interaction allows for a non-stick, effortless slide out of the rack allowing you to view all of the boxes located in that row. This version allows you to label each row within the rack along with each box in that row for easier retrieval of your sample.

Considering both of these freezer racks perform the same function, there is no wrong choice, it is up to your individual preference and ultimately what works best for your lab.

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