LABRepCo VP Teaches Students Disaster Management

Any emergency can be an overwhelming and stressful situation in any community. However, thanks to LABRepCo VP, Gary Bissig, a class of students in the Protective Services Program at Eastern School for Arts and Technology received hands-on training in emergency management. As Horsham Township’s deputy coordinator for the Emergency Management Department, Bissig trained students using a true-to-life scenario which included a map of the fictional “Town of Eastern” which provided students with the town’s vital statistics.Labrepco VP Gary Teaching

Disaster, or emergency, management is defined as the discipline of dealing with and avoiding both natural and manmade disasters, which involves preparation, response and recovery.

“For the many students in Eastern’s Protective Services Program who will one day be entering the police, fire, security and emergency medical fields, it is great to get an early understanding of the coordination and connection that all of these organizations have to one another,” said Bissig in a press release provided by Eastern.

Eastern’s Protective Services Program prepares students to enter a career related to law enforcement, fire science, industrial safety and security and emergency radio dispatch.

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