Introducing Modifiable Freezer Racks

Freezer Racks.Modifiable Freezer Racks

They provide pertinent inventory management systems for safe organization of samples within a refrigeration unit. Current freezer racks are designed to carry only one specific size of storage boxes at a time, forcing you to use a freezer rack that may not be completely filled. But when freezer space is limited and a variety of different sized storage boxes are to be used within one freezer rack, how can we optimize the freezer capacity?

LABRepCo now has a solution to solve the complex issue of storing various sizes of freezer storage boxes.

Introducing: “Modifiable Upright Freezer Racks

Although they look like regular upright freezer racks from a glance, these modifiable racks give you the flexibility to store 2” and 3” boxes within the same rack. With the added feature of interchangeable clips, you now have the ability to substitute clips in and out within each column of the rack. This alters the height of each row, creating your very own unique configuration for whatever size boxes you need to store within one freezer rack. Not only will these racks save space within your freezer, but they will also save you money from having to buy extra freezer racks or maybe even an extra freezer entirely.

To see a demo of how these Modifiable Freeze Racks work, click the following link to watch our latest video:

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