In Need of a Reliable Laboratory Casework Solution?

When redesigning or building a new laboratory, research professionals and construction engineers are always looking for the most responsive and efficient associates to team up with. That is why LabRepCo is proud to partner with A.T. Villa. For over 90 years A.T. Villa has been a global leader in designing, developing and installing innovative flexible lab solutions. Their line of furniture systems includes adaptable, mobile, flexible & modular casework, lab benches and mobile workstations. With countless awards and a well-known brand, they thrive in delivery and installation of a durable, adaptable product.

Industry-Best Lead Times of 6-8 Weeks

One of the premium qualities and top reason customers choose to team up with A.T. Villa and LabRepCo is the unmatched turnaround time on projects. Being one of the top casework provides in the industry, the experience of A.T. Villa proves their work is always handled efficiently and delivered on time according to the customer’s request. With an industry-best lead time of 6-8 weeks, you can always expect construction to be completed on time.

Factory Certified Installation Teams

Another primary motive for fast lead times is also due to the skilled installation teams at A.T. Villa. These highly trained and certified professionals know lab casework and all other lab furniture like the back of their hand. With that said, installation comes as a second nature for these experts paving the way for a smooth construction process and peace of mind.

Made in the USA

If it’s made in the USA, you know it’s a high quality product. All of A.T. Villa products are manufactured right here in the United States allowing us to build your lab using the most durable materials and finest quality construction of lab furniture on the market.

Which Furniture System Will Best Fit Your Lab?

With four different systems to choose from, A.T. Villa offers a variety of styles which have their own features and functionalities which can be customized to specifically meet the needs of your lab.

BASIC LAT Villa Laboratory Casework BASICaboratory Bench Systems offer a fixed casework solution, designed to outfit small support spaces or entire laboratories. This choice allows lab professionals to work in a customized environment designed to their needs while keeping costs low. The BASIC base cabinet offerings include island and peninsula configurations that can utilize A.T. Villa’s CORE SUPPORT allowing the systems to transform themselves into adaptable and re-configurable benching solutions.

BRAVO Benching Systems are designed to bring a flawless balance of adaptability and style to any laboratory. With a unique style that combines independent benching systems and a flexible power and gas line ‘Quick-Connect’ to ceiling interface panels, the BRAVO benches can be easily relocated without disrupting AT Villa Laboratory Casework BRAVOsurrounding work areas. This system gives you the ability to house power, data, inert and burning gas services all within the same vertical upright. All benching systems are fully customizable, giving you the option to add in accessories such as seating, key board trays, monitor arms, task lighting and more.

FORTE Adaptable Laboratory Systems are known as the industry’s most cost effective plug-and-play lab table solution allowing you to completely AT Villa Laboratory Casework FORTEreconfigure your system with little to no cost and minimum downtime. The worktop weight load of a FORTE bench can hold a capacity of 1,000 lbs combined with shelves that can accommodate up to 200 lbs. All systems stand independently from building structures and feature a telescoping frame, allowing for adjustable work surface heights to fit specific lab personnel heights and needs. UL listed raceways and CSA lab gas services, combined with overhead Ceiling Interface Panels [CIPs] create the ultimate adaptable solution for any lab.

ERGOLAB Mobile Laboratory Benching Systems provide a solution to turn your lab into aAT Villa Laboratory Casework ERGOLAB durable and reconfigurable facility allowing for easy adaptation of constant structure or personnel changes. Integrated leveling casters offer easy movement of
benches and then allow for them to be leveled up off of their casters and set into place. Robust aluminum framing provides ultimate support for an unrivaled bench weight load capacity of 2,000 lbs. These benches can be vertically adaptable from 36” to 77” meeting specific seating or standing height needs giving personnel ergonomic friendly working conditions.

For more information on A.T. Villa’s complete line of benching solutions please visit the Laboratory Furniture Systems section on our website or contact us here.