How to Upgrade Your Sartorius Balances

Scales & Balances play a major role in getting accurate results in your research. They assist in finding the exact measurement to execute an application and help discover a promising result. Without reliability and accuracy, research and pharmaceutical manufacturing can be negatively affected. This not only disturbs the research flow and time schedule, but it can also result in high expenses and a loss of trust.

One name that stands out to most when it comes to trusted, accurate weighing equipment is Sartorius. From ultramicro balances to precision and analytical balances they have proven to be high quality and superior in durability and accuracy. These attributes are extremely important in processes within the biopharmaceutical production and laboratory environments.

If you currently own an older model of Sartorius scales or balances then you are already aware of the reliability and performance these machines can achieve.

Good News for You: It only gets better from here…Sartorius Balances

In an effort to continue their dependable reputation, Sartorius has upgraded their line of scales & balances to optimize them with the latest technology improving durability, versatility, performance and of course… reliability.

So how do you figure out which model you will need to upgrade to?

First you need to ask yourself; “What kind of lab balance do I need or which current series of Sartorius models do I currently own?”

If you currently own a:

CPA Series Balance then you will be upgrading to either a Cubis or a Secura Balance

ED | BSA Series Balance then you will be upgrading to either a Secura or Quintix Balance

TE | AX | AY | AZ Series Balance then you will be upgrading to either a Quintix or a Practum Balance

Now that you know which two series you will need to upgrade to, let’s figure out which specific model numbers will work for your applications.

If you currently own a Sartorius balance and know your model number, use the Reference Guide to locate your model numbers and find out which newer model numbers your balance can be upgraded to.  You will notice on this guide that there are three columns; the first column is the old Sartorius model number, the middle is the high performance upgraded model, and the right column is the lower performance upgraded model.

After locating your old balance part numbers and finding the new options, now we must decide between the higher performance models and lower performance models. By using this Sartorius Features Guide below, you can decide on what series of scales offers the perfect features to fit your needs.

Sartorius Balances Features Comparison Chart

From basic to advanced laboratory applications, each series is unique to specific research and pharmaceutical operations. Depending on your current scale and what features you need, you will either be choosing from a Cubis/Secura, a Secura/Quintix, or a Quintix/Practum. The Entris series is another balance option that is ideal for basic lab applications that need straight forward, simple weighing without all of the added features.

Once you locate the precise part numbers, you can search for them directly with our search function located at the top of our website, or you can browse around our Satorius Balances section to view your options and find more information on the specific balance you need. If you cannot locate a part number on our website, or if you have any other questions, please contact us here.

If you are searching for a new balance, start here:

What kind of balance do you need?