Store More in Less: Metro High Density Shelving Systems

A common problem in any Laboratory environment is having the proper amount of space essential to support equipment needs, enough elbow room for personnel and additional room for storage. For many professionals managing floor space in a laboratory can be difficult especially when space is limited.  What can you do to solve this problem?

To solve this common problem we offer different types of Metro High Density Shelving Systems. These units add a whole new level of organization and storage putting your space to work more efficiently. These shelving systems are able to boost storage space 50% allowing for more work room or equipment without any added construction costs. The two different types of high density systems are available: The Overhead TOPTrak Shelving System and the qwikTRAK Floor Track System.

The Overhead TOPTrak Shelving System incorporates an “Active Aisle” feature wheremobile shelving units are positioned on an overhead track between two stationary unitscreating a clear aisle for easy cleaning and cart access. This open access also allows users to walk through or push carts in between units for easy access to simplify the task at hand. This system is designed with a mobile unit top-Metro High Density Shelving Systems Top Trackmounted with rollers and rigid casters on the overhead aluminum tracks to smoothly guide the shelving units in a straight line. The TOPTrak system is not only efficient but also very robust holding a maximum capacity of 900 lbs., perfect for medium duty applications. Double-deep configurations can also be created where two systems would be joined together to increase the overall depth of the shelving for greater storage capacity. These units are perfect for vivarium research laboratories with the ability to store & organize feed, bedding, or cages while keeping a clean sterile environment.

In opposition, the qwikTRAK shelving unit is designed with floor tracks for a smooth, easyMetro High Density Shelving Systems qwikTRAK glide to get in between aisles. This style compensates for labs with rough floor surfaces, protects against wear & tear, and does not require any mounting to the floor. These units have the ability to store a maximum of 1200 to 2000 lbs evenly distributed depending on the shelving unit selected. A double-deep configuration can also be created with the qwikTRAK system to increase storage capacity even further.

Regardless of which unit will work best for your needs, both provide ideal compact storage for life sciences or clinical research laboratories while freeing up lab space. Traditional storage, seen below, uses 20’ of space while the “Active Isle” cuts that usage in half, putting your space to work more efficiently. Heavy loads can be moved with ease making these systems safe, ergonomic and accessible to all users. With customizable specifications including special shelving finishes for dry or wet environments, optional heights and storage capacities, the qwikTRAK and TOPTrack systems are guaranteed to meet the storage needs of any laboratory regardless of space.

standard shelvingTopTrack Metro High Density Shelving Systems

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