Vision Engineering Ergonomic Microscopes

They are one of the most popular and easily identifiable objects in almost any lab. From education to biomedical research these instruments have stood the test of time and have found a permanent home in labs across the world. They help us view minuscule objects in detail and have allowed us to discover a whole new world that is invisible to the naked eye.

While microscopes continue to serve a crucial role in the life sciences and other research industries, they also continue to improve in performance and quality, but evolution lacks one of the most important factors: Ergonomics

“The best position for microscopical observations is when the observer is lying horizontally on his back…The worst of all positions is that in which we look downwards vertically.” –Sir David Brewster

Microscope Medical Problems Ergonomic Microscopes

In terms of the most  comfortable/least harmful position, Sir David Brewster would in fact be correct. Unfortunately we don’t see too many people lying down on their backs with a microscope to do their work nor is there really any design to compensate for this view.  Sitting or standing has become the standard viewing position for the microscope and most likely will always continue to be that way. These viewing positions are constantly repeated, sometimes for long duration’s, and can ultimately lead to medical problems.

But with the long standing reputation of microscopes causing medical problems for users, why hasn’t there been any evolution in regards to making these useful tools ergonomically friendly?

Vision Engineering answers that question with their innovative ‘eyepiece-less’ ergonomic microscopes. Designed to put an end to the medical problems caused by traditional microscopes these instruments not only improve user health but work efficiency as well.

Vision Engineering Ergonomic Microscopes

Eliminates Eyestrain | Ability to Wear Glasses

Instead of the traditional, one-man view through small, ocular eyepieces, these new microscopes are use patented stereo optics to produce amazing high res 3D imaging right in front of you and others to see. With an unrivaled crystal clear view of the subject adjusted to the users eye & comfort level, the operator can sit further back while observing and ultimately eliminate eye strain. These stereo ergonomic microscopes not only allow for the use of eye-wear as well but they can also be placed in a biosafety cabinet or hood to safely view the subject from behind a barrier.

Perfect Posture

When looking through standard ocular eyepieces it requires the user to lean over, causing the back and neck to bend into unnatural positions. The new Vision Engineering microscopes magnify the subject in a perfect position in front of the Vision Engineering Ergonomic Microscopesuser’s face allowing them to sit back, straighten their posture and improve comfort.

Reduces Headaches

Conventional eyepiece stereo microscopes often block out ambient light when users position their eyes so close to the lenses. This causes the users pupils to constantly contract leading to the main cause of eye fatigue and ultimately headaches. Viewing the subject on a display screen rather than through eyepieces allows the eyes to adjust naturally with room lighting.

Less Fatigue / Increased Efficiency

Any user of microscopes knows that they typically have to hold a fixed viewing position for a length of time, stiffening the neck and back muscles. Freedom of head movement is a key benefit of Vision Engineering’s eyepiece-less optical technology Vision Engineering Ergonomic Microscopesand allows for the muscles to be more relaxed and reduces pain associated with neck and back strain. Along with free head movement, these new microscopes offer easy hand-eye coordination. Operators can sit back and gain a much better peripheral vision so they can work with their hands in a natural manner.

Practicing ergonomics is a key factor to keeping your staff healthy, active and comfortable when working in your laboratory. All of these features not only improve workers health and safety but they also decrease fatigue and increase efficiency, making your lab more productive than ever. Vision Engineering eyepiece-less stereo microscopes not only add a high quality instrument to your laboratory research, but also offer the most ergonomic friendly microscope in the industry.

Increase your laboratory work efficiency while improving staff’s overall health and safety today! For more information or a demo on the Vision Engineering Eyepiece-less Microscopes click here.