Introducing the GETINGE Vivus Tunnel Washer

One look will tell you that the new GETINGE Vivus Tunnel Washers for Vivarium Research are visibly better. One load will tell you it’s a lot more efficient too. The GETINGE Tunnel Washers are designed to clean, sanitize, and dry metal or plastic cages, utensils and racked watering bottles in animal research laboratories. These highly automated, heavy-duty, tunnel-type, hydro-spray washers are designed for continuous high-volume processing. Units can be recessed in one or two walls, or installed freestanding. Additionally, while stainless steel construction of these systems guarantee durability, the removable spray headers, automatic self-cleaning debris filters, and automatic drain systems promise that the Tunnel Series model is both efficient and easy to maintain for years to come, supporting you and your vivarium research.

Introducing the GETINGE Vivus Tunnel Washers


  • Automatic Five-Phase Treatment Cycle – Saving you lab time the cycle (prewash, wash, rinse, hot rinse and dry) is completely automatic, requiring only an operator to load and unload the cages.
  • Wash and Rinse Treatment Temperature Guarantee – Ensuring efficiency and repeatability, should the temperature guarantee setpoints not be attained or maintained, the conveyor belt will temporarily stop until the treatment solution reaches the setpoint temperature.
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Debris Filters* – maximizing machine uptime while reducing maintenance activities, the filter working with the large debris holding screen is designed to entrap debris from the recirculated solution and to automatically backflush debris to drain on a programmable time interval.
  • Removable Spray Headers/Hydraulic Hold Down System – headers are easily removed for cleaning, with no tools required. Jet sizing and spray header throttle valves allow for positive hydraulic pressure, providing proper hold down of the light plastic cages and steel pans on the conveyor belt.
  • Water Conservation – saving water and conserving energy, the final rinse water is sprayed through the jet system and collected in the recirculated rinse tank. The recirculated water is then used as makeup water for the prewash.
  • Descale Cycle – To minimize maintenance activities, a programmed descale is standard, allowing for periodic descaling of the entire wetted interior of the unit.
  • Forced Air Dryer Section – Provides an insulated, stainless steel 84″ (2134 mm) long dryer section designed specifically to remove excess water from animal cages in preparation for bedding fill. Dryer performance has been validated to remove 99% of residual water by weight from standard mouse cages at 4ft./min.

Introducing the GETINGE Vivus Tunnel Washers

* The self-cleaning debris filter is standard on the wash pump and available as an option on the rinse pump.

The Vivus Tunnel Washers also offer a range of Optional Features and additions to fit your vivarium research needs and laboratory layout, such as Exhaust Fans, Ethernet Connections and more.


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