Why you need the Panasonic MDF-DU900VC-PA ULT Freezer

PHC, formerly Panasonic Healthcare, developed their first ULT (ultra-low temperature) freezer 40 years ago and have continued to design freezers that address energy efficiency without compromising performance. Their MDF-DU900VC-PA ULT model does not disappoint, and exemplifies all that they stand for with regard to exceptional refrigeration.

Why you need the Panasonic PHC MDF-DU900VC-PA ULT Freezer

So, why do you need the MDF-DU900VC-PA ULT in your Biobank or Biorepository?

Recent market data shows an increased demand for long-term storage of biological samples due to the rising importance for clinical and pharmaceutical trials. Scientific studies are also increasing demand for more storage of patient specimens and samples. Your facility has the responsibility of ensuring optimal freezer performance, temperature uniformity and also providing preventative maintenance for maximum up-time. The PHC model MDF-DU900VC-PA ULT -86°C freezer is engineered from the inside out for performance, reliability and maximum storage within a compact footprint.

With the rising demand for additional -80°C storage, more preservation equipment within new and existing biorepository facilities will be required. When outfitting a facility, careful consideration of -80°C ultra-low temperature freezers, including the peripheral tools and maintenance should be considered. Estimates have shown that the annual operating cost for each ULT freezer in a biorepository is approximately $20, total cost, per square foot.

The overview below illustrates the competitive advantages of the MDF-DU900VC-PA for a Biobank/Biorepository, based on the recommendation of general storage capacity of 30,000 2″ boxes in a 2,400 square feet space.

Why you need the Panasonic PHC MDF-DU900VC-PA ULT Freezer

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