Ultra Series Laboratory Refrigeration to Include Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

The “Green Initiative” is causing many companies, especially in the life sciences and research markets, to adapt their products and equipment used. The US market for laboratory cold storage equipment has begun to open its eyes after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently set new restrictions for the refrigerants used within. Inevitably, the “green” industry is going to transform the entire global economy-private and commercial.

But why shouldn’t it?

If it’s more cost effective, better for the environment, and overall better at delivering the same product as outdated equipment, isn’t it only logical to make the transition?

Without a doubt!

As an all-natural, nontoxic refrigerant, Hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants are the newest, most efficient, and safest, environmentally friendly source of cold storage refrigerant in the industry.

The HC R290 refrigerant is the latest coolant technology being implemented in laboratory refrigeration systems.  Current refrigeration systems are equipped with Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) or Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) which is drastically more potent than Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  HFC & CFC are partly responsible for the ongoing global warming dilemma; and one thing worth noting is that refrigeration systems utilizing HC non-toxic refrigerants have no direct effect on the ozone, making them a very low risk to global warming.  HC refrigerants also possess exceptional thermodynamic properties with heat retention far greater than current models operating with HFC or CFC.  This means a faster absorption of heat, resulting in quicker cooling and temperature recovery times.

The Department of Energy has issued new mandatory energy usage regulations that will begin in 2017.  More stringent energy consumption regulations could very well affect laboratory operations and research.  In any event, LabRepCo wants to keep our promise of providing you with sound, cost effective solutions.  More importantly, though, we want work with you in keeping our environment clean and sustainable.

With our latest additions to our refrigeration lines, the new Ultra Series and our upgraded Silver Series lines, will now integrate Hydrocarbon refrigerants into most of our refrigerators and freezers, allowing your lab to get ahead of the game.

Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Laboratory RefrigeratorsOur refrigerators and freezers containing the HC R290 refrigerant are not only the most climate-friendly alternatives, but it is also the most cost-effective as well. One of the most notable features is the extended life of the HC cooling systems. HC refrigerants are much less aggressive compared to HFC refrigerants, which means a longer lifespan for the refrigerator or freezer and better security for your sensitive samples and products.

The R290’s heat capacity is on average 115% percent greater compared to R134a & R404a refrigerants which means the R290 can absorb more heat and faster for a quicker recovery time and lower consumption. In fact, the R290 can use up to 15% less energy consumption compared to R134a & R404a coolants.

Although our HC refrigerant isn’t featured in all of our models, it is now a standard in a majority of the newer glass door, undercounter and other various models. In order to easily indicate if a refrigerator or freezer contains HC R290a refrigerant look for our HC logo on the picture of the unit. 

Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Logo