NEW: Biometra TAdvanced Twin PCR Thermal Cycler

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our Biometra Family: the TAdvanced Twin PCR Thermal Cycler Biometra TAdvanced Twin PCR Thermal Cycler

The Twin combines the versatility and performance of the Biometra TAdvanced with the flexibility and renowned durability of the Biometra TRIO to create a PCR thermal cycler suitable for all users and all applications.

Biometra TAdvanced Twin PCR Thermal CyclerThe dual Thermoblocks, which are controlled separately, allows two users to run two different PCR protocols simultaneously. As standard the TAdvanced Twin comes with Dual 48/48 thermoblocks, gradient or non-gradient; Dual 30/30, for 0.5ml tubes; and Dual Combi blocks, capable of fitting BOTH 0.2 and 0.5ml tubes.

Moreover, the TAdvanced exchangeable blocks are compatible with the Twin, and the new Twin block modules are compatible with older TAdvanced Thermal Cyclers, with only a small hardware update required beforehand by our trained service technicians.

Biometra TAdvanced Twin PCR Thermal CyclerThe Twin not only excels in terms of function and practicality, but it is also stylish and sleek, with a 7” full-color touchscreen, and can be operated remotely via mobile app (Andriod and iOS).

With a 3 year Warranty and our LabRepco Service Technicians only a call away, you have unrivaled peace of mind while running your PCR experiments in the new Biometra TAdvanced Twin.

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