Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Decontamination Equipment and Services
LABRepCo carries a full line of Bioquell bio-decontamination products ideal for different applications in a variety of markets including biotechnology, hospital pharmacy, laboratory animal science, pharmaceutical and much more.  Combined with Bioquell’s unique blend of hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) technology, these products provide a residue-free, safe and repeatable solution eliminating airborne and surface contamination within your facility.  Bioquell’s offerings include:
The Bioquell Clarus C is the perfect solution for low temperature, residue-free bio-decontamination of pharmaceutical isolators, clean rooms, pass-through devices and much more.  This machine features a small footprint saving valuable space, dual circuit technology for fast and efficient decontamination cycles and intuitive controls and sensors for easy operation.
When bio-decontaminating rooms, laboratories and enclosures including pass-thru chambers and isolators, the Bioquell L-2 is the right machine for you to get the job done.  This unit brings you functionality and ease while delivering enhanced control of Bioquell’s HPV technology.  It features color touch panel display and GAMP compliant software, communications port for integration to building management system and an optional data logger with the ability to export to Excel® format.
The Bioquell L-3 is the perfect solution for fast, reliable decontamination of laboratories, biological safety cabinets, isolators, pass through chambers and freeze driers.  This system features a compact, portable design taking up minimal floor space, user-friendly color touch panel for easy operation and remote, volt-free contact for external signal.
The Bioquell Q-10 can be used for sanitizing rooms, laboratories and hospital wards/units in non-regulated environments.  The Q-10 features a fast, efficient catalytic aeration process reducing cycle times and a small, compact footprint for ease transportation between rooms.
Ideal for quick, easy disinfection of large sized rooms/zones, the Bioquell Z-2 combines three systems, HPV generator, gas distribution and catalytic aeration, into a single unit making it the complete bio-decontamination solution.  This unit features casters for easy transportation between areas, intuitive controls and display for easy operation and fast, high capacity HPV vaporizer for speedy sanitation for volumes up to 250m3.
The Bioquell C2C is ideal for controlled, zone-to-zone transfer decontamination at ambient temperatures.  It features a unique cart for easy and safe material handling while loading and unloading, integrated catalyst for fast decontamination and an automatic temperature control preventing over exposure to temperature-sensitive materials.
Intended to support a multitude of HPV based generators, the Bioquell R-30 and R-10 Aeration Units are high-speed catalytic filters and air exchangers designed to achieve rapid cycle times.  These units improve distribution of the HPV by quickly and efficiently converting hydrogen peroxide vapor to water vapor and oxygen, speeding-up the decontamination process for faster re-entry.
The Bioquell WIC-1 is the perfect solution for material loads or equipment entering or exiting controlled areas.  This walk-in HPV decontamination chamber features interlocked controlled doors with inflatable seals and is easily built on existing floor structure with modular panels.
In addition to these products, Bioquell offers Room Bio-Decontamination Services (RBDS) which is ideal for facilities with very limited budgets and routine decontamination is not required.  With this service, your facility not only gets access to all necessary equipment and HPV technology, but includes trained engineers and written documentation of the service.  Bioquell’s RBDS is a quick, efficient and effective solution for any enclosure from small rooms to complete facilities.
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