Built-in vs. Free-standing Applications: Understanding the Difference

  One question we are frequently asked by our customers is: what are the differences between a Built-in undercounter refrigerator or freezer and a free-standing one? Knowing and understanding when to use the right unit could save you time, money and minimize … Continue reading

Increased Reliability with the Panasonic VIP Series Ultra-Low Freezer Dual Compressor

How Does a Dual Compressor increase the reliability of the Panasonic VIP Series Ultra-Low Freezer?  The problem with many ULT freezers is that their manufacturers use standard air conditioner compressors which are not intended to maintain ultra-low temperatures. When an … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Choose a NuAire NuWind Benchtop Centrifuge

Why should you consider the NuAire NuWind as your next Refrigerated or Ventilated Benchtop Centrifuge? In today’s centrifuge market there are so many options for life sciences applications that it can be confusing when it comes to selecting the right … Continue reading

How to Properly Use a Probe Access Port for Safe Sample Storage

Whether you’re storing valuable vaccines or sensitive samples, a stable temperature in your refrigerator or freezer is vital. One problem we often encounter is when users compromise the stability of their laboratory and medical units by running data loggers and … Continue reading

6 Points to Consider Before Buying A ULT Freezer

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6 Easy Steps to Defrost a Manual Defrost Laboratory Freezer

Laboratory cold storage and the protection of sensitive samples rely heavily on temperature uniformity. Manual defrost freezers will ultimately provide the best temperature uniformity when maintained properly, but manually defrosting a freezer can be strenuous and time consuming. Whether your … Continue reading

NuAire BioSafety Cabinets Ergonomic Safety Features

Ergonomics is one of the major concerns today in the world of laboratory safety. With over half a million US employees working in a laboratory environment, the number for work related injuries continues to grow. Whether the cause of harm … Continue reading

Ultra Series Laboratory Refrigeration to Include Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

The “Green Initiative” is causing many companies, especially in the life sciences and research markets, to adapt their products and equipment used. The US market for laboratory cold storage equipment has begun to open its eyes after the Environmental Protection Agency … Continue reading