NuAire BioSafety Cabinets Ergonomic Safety Features

Ergonomics is one of the major concerns today in the world of laboratory safety. With over half a million US employees working in a laboratory environment, the number for work related injuries continues to grow. Whether the cause of harm is from being exposed to hazardous materials, lab related accidents, or if the injury was developed overtime, there are many preventative measures to avoid these potential harms.

OSHA has recognized these threats to employee health when working in a laboratory and has diligently worked to create informative documents on prevention of injuries. Here we will discuss how NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets are constructed with the most ergonomically friendly and efficient features for the life sciences industry.

Our partners at NuAire have been designing and NuAIre Logoevolving their ergonomically friendly BioSafety Cabinets based off of user experience and feedback for over 40 years. With help from the OSHA guidelines and their commitment to improving lab safety conditions, NuAire has tailored their efforts to produce the safest, ergonomically efficient products to date.

So what’s the most important thing to keep in mind when trying to find an ergonomic solution?

Think about how unique each person is. Whether someone is tall or short, big or small, there needs to be features or accessories to compensate for all of these different characteristics. The product should be adaptable with the capability of allowing each distinctive user to maintain correct posture without pain.

With that said, let’s dive right into the ergonomic amenities featured on NuAire’s BioSafety Cabinet’s.

Adjustable Per User Height

NuAire BSC Adjustable User HeightChances are if you work in a lab you utilize the same BSC’s as other coworkers. Since we aren’t clones, heights vary drastically per person and working at an uncomfortable level may be a painful task. Whether too tall or too short, not only would you be putting added pressure on your back, legs, and wrists all day, but you are wasting more energy just to keep yourself in an awkward standing position, increasing fatigue and decreasing efficiency.

NuAire offers adjustable base stands for the ability to sit or stand at a range of heights, improving the user’s ability to maintain a proper posture. This also provides maximum knee/thigh clearance for all user sizes and optimized leg and forearm support.

Elbow & Forearm Support

OSHA recommends your work area height for your cabinet to be appropriate for each type of work at hand in relation to your elbow placement:elbow rest BSC NuAire

  • Precision work: Above elbow height
  • Light work: Just below elbow height
  • Heavy work: 6 inches below elbow height

But even though you might have found the perfect height to fit your size, resting your arms on the cabinets can become painful. On top of that, covering your air grill with your forearm becomes a possibility and also threatens your foam arm rest BSC NuAireproduct and the user. To eliminate these risks NuAire Biological Safety cabinets have established optional foam armrest pads and elbow rests to increase comfort for the user all while keeping the grill clear for proper air flow.


Largest BSC Work Area Available

wide area turntableBSC NuAireWorkstations such as Biosafety cabinets typically involve users to operate in a tight, enclosed area making some people feel uncomfortable with just the thought. NuAire Biological Safety cabinets offer the largest effective work zone area available. The user-friendly space gives more access and allows for more manipulation of lab material in the cabinet while the forearms remain rested at the access opening base. For extra reach and convenience, optional stainless steel turntables can be added to work zone corners increasing a user’s reach by up to 12 inches.

Appropriate Lighting & Expanded Vision Zone

BSC NuAire lighting vision zoneWhat’s the most important factor when working? Being able to see what you are doing.

Cool white fluorescent lighting throughout NuAire BSC work zones provides optimal viewing while decreasing glare, ultimately reducing eye fatigue during long work duration’s. Equipped with a frameless polished edge window, these Biological Safety cabinets allow for greater visibility and better sight lines to the effective work zone area. This effectively reduces awkward postures and allows for less eye fatigue, and reduced neck and shoulder strain.

Ergonomic Accessories for Extra Support

Ergonomic SpingOSHA has identified potential health hazards derived from unsuitable seating positions. For instance, sitting in a seat too high will force you to work with your feet unsupported forcing you to move forward in the chair to a point where you back is unsupported and loses its proper “S” shape.

Biofit Chair and FootrestEquip your biological safety cabinet with a BioFit chair and footrest for even extra support on your spine. BioFit seating offers are the most durable, ergonomically designed chairs and stools for working on specific applications within laboratories. Adjustable in almost every aspect, these chairs offer the greatest support to give you comfort you can actually feel and trust.

Pair your ergonomic chair with an adjustable footrest for that optimal foot and leg support. Even though it may seem like resting your feet on the floor is fine, it in fact adds pressure on your legs and back. The adjustable footrest will allow your knees to be slightly higher than the seat and bent at all times, giving your legs and feet a rest while working in an optimal ergonomic position.

Thanks to their recognized durability, accessible features, and ergonomically friendly design, NuAire Biological Safety cabinets have developed into one of the most recommended laboratory work stations on the market. Each piece of equipment is built with convenience and safety in mind ensuring each user experience is enjoyable and safe. LabRepCo has partnered with NuAire for many years to provide the life science and biotechnology industries the highest level of protection in biological safety and laminar flow.

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