5 Reasons to Choose a NuAire NuWind Benchtop Centrifuge

Why should you consider the NuAire NuWind as your next Refrigerated or Ventilated Benchtop Centrifuge? In today’s centrifuge market there are so many options for life sciences applications that it can be confusing when it comes to selecting the right one for your specific laboratory and research needs. To make this selection easier, we have compiled 5 simple and straight-forward reasons why the NuAire NuWind Centrifuge is the best on the market, and ultimately the best choice for your lab:


      Quick & Tool-less Rotor Removal and Install

NuAire NuWind Benchtop Centrifuge - rotor

  • Quickly change from one application to the next with ClickSpin, tool-less rotor removal and installation.
  • Rotor can be removed and installed within seconds.
  • Multi-functional capabilities allow NuWind to be used as a microcentrifuge and more.
     Spin Plates and Tubes in the Same RotorNuAire NuWind Benchtop Centrifuge - spin plates
  • A single run can spin tubes and plates in the same rotor, saving you time.
  • The same rotor can be used to spin tubes and plates instead of purchasing a dedicated microplate rotor.
     Automatic Lid LockNuAire NuWind Benchtop Centrifuge - automatic lid
  • Protect lab personnel with an automatic lid locking mechanism that tightly locks the centrifuge lid. The chamber can be accessible only when the rotor has come to a complete stop.
      Small size. Huge Capacity
NuAire NuWind Benchtop Centrifuge
  • NuWind Benchtop Centrifuges offer a small footprint while providing a large capacity, saving both valuable bench space and money.
     Five Year Warranty
NuAire NuWind Benchtop Centrifuge - 5 years warranty
  • Backed by the industry’s best. For over 40 Years NuAire has been dedicated to providing you the very best in laboratory equipment focused on quality at an affordable price. NuWind centrifuges by NuAire provide the quality and reliability you need to focus on your research.


Want to test the NuWind out before you buy? Take it for a free spin with our 30 day trial. To get more information about this product and free trial, please click here.

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