Panasonic VIP® Series 25.7 Cu. Ft. (Capacity: 576 x 2" Boxes) -86°C Upright ULT Freezer (115V)

VIP® Series -86°C Ultra-Low Temp Freezers: The most reliable freezers with the best performance and maximum energy savings.
  • Capacity: 25.7 cu. ft. / 728L
  • Area Footprint (nominal): 9.51 sq. ft.
  • Door(s): 1 exterior; 2 interior (optional 4 inner doors)
  • Storage Capacity:
    • 576 standard 2” boxes (57,600 x 2ml vials)
    • 384 standard 3” boxes (38,400 x 4ml vials)
    • 3,456 standard microplates with foil tape
    • 2,596 standard microplates with cover lid
  • Temperature Range: -50°C to -86°C (in 1°C increments)
  • Exterior Dimension: 78.3"H x 39.8"W x 34.4"F-B
  • Interior Dimension: 55.1"H x 34.2"W x 23.6"F-B
  • Alarm: standard
  • Casters: standard
  • Shelves: 3 stainless steel (4 compartments)
  • Door Lock: side
  • Voltage: 115V, 60Hz
  • Net Weight: 794 lbs.

Item #: MDF-U76VA-PA

Panasonic's VIP® Series offers leading performance with greater energy savings providing exceptional reliability and security for your irreplaceable biological samples. Together, their patented VIP® PLUS vacuum insulation cabinet construction and unique, long-lasting compressor design help achieve exceptional temperature uniformity. The recently redesigned heat exchanger and cascade refrigeration system increase the efficiency of the cascade cooling system and reduce the energy consumption without compromising the units overall performance. These ultra-low temp freezers maximize storage capacity within a space-saving footprint, therefore keeping overall operating costs to a minimum. In conjunction with optional liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2 back-up systems, the MDF-U76VA-PA ULT Freezer offers a long-term storage solution for repositories, hospitals, clinics and medical research facilities.
Standard Features:
  • Easy-In/Easy-Out door latch for smooth, one-handed operation, positive seal against gasket. Padlock provision standard.
  • Integrated, microprocessor-based control system and LED display includes comprehensive set-point, alarm, monitoring, diagnostic and communications functions.
  • Insulated and gasketed inner doors seal inside to offer additional protection and improve uniformity. Inner door latches are standard. Doors can be easily removed for defrosting.
  • Front access to washable, electrostatic condenser filter for routine condenser air filter cleaning.
  • High impact, recessed casters and leveling feet simplify installation.
  • New generation Panasonic designed Cool Safe compressors are specifically designed for low temperature applications.
  • Multiple access ports permit insertion of independent probes, instrumentation or liquid N2 or liquid CO2 back-up injectors.
  • Commercially available HFC-refrigerants are highly efficient, environmentally safe and no ozone depleting.
  • Remote alarm contacts
  • Vacuum relief valve
  • 1 scraper
  • 1 set of keys
  • 115V, AC, 20amp operation (VA Models)
  • Warranty: 5 years parts and labor
Optional Features and Accessories:
  • LN2 backup system
  • CO2 backup system
  • 7-day, 6” circular chart recorder
  • Chart recorder pens
  • Chart recorder paper
  • Digital temperature recorder
  • Digital touch panel recorder and software
  • Freezer racks and inventory system
  • Additional shelf
  • 4 interior doors instead of 2
  • Communication port
  • Water cooling system
  • 4-20ma Output Module
  • Freezer monitoring - LabAlert™ System
Optional Validation Services
  • Validation Documents IQ/OQ
  • Validation Documents IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Pre-delivery Calibration
  • Pre-deliver Temperature Mapping
  • Factory Acceptance Test

Product Accessories
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Panasonic LabAlert Monitoring System
The protection and monitoring of valuable samples within laboratories, biorepositories and biobanks has become increasingly important in biomedical, life sciences and clinical research. When temperature fluctuations occur within a refrigerator or freezer your irreplaceable samples are at risk and could potentially cost you your entire life’s work of research, time and money. With Panasonic’s LabAlert system, these potential hazards are minimized with an advanced mobile monitoring system to keep track of your laboratory even when you are not there. From ULT Freezers to Incubators and Clean Rooms, the LabAlert system will track temperatures, pressure, humidity levels, door status, leaks and more providing you with a complete end-to-end wireless monitoring solution for all your laboratory equipment.
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