Stability Chambers/Rooms
Stability (WRST) Chambers are the perfect modular walk-in solution when efficient air flow, temperature and humidity uniformity are required regardless of loading conditions or size.  This chamber features a control panel for safe, efficient housing of all controls, alarms and recording devices, automatic defrosting with refrigerant hot gas and/or electric heat for quick, efficient operation and a hinged drain pan for easy maintenance and cleaning of interior plenum components.  We offer a number of structural, electrical and mechanical options to meet the needs of any application including long term stability studies, accelerated stability studies, extended range testing and much more.
Product Features:
  • Modular metal skinned panels with urethane insulated tongue and groove construction for chamber enclosure.
  • "Cam-locking" construction with vinyl gasket seams.
  • Low height aluminum ceiling plenum housing.
  • PSC fan motors for energy efficiency. All fan motors rated for operating temperatures of chamber. Motors are remoted from chamber interior where application exceeds rating.
  • Semi-hermetic continually operating compressors for extended equipment life and maximum chamber temperature control and uniformity.
  • Uniform horizontal and vertical air distribution through a lay-in ceiling air distribution system with anodized aluminum support.
  • Touchscreen system control of chamber parameters.
  • Vapor proof fluorescent light fixtures.
  • Factory leak testing of all refrigeration assemblies prior to shipment.
  • Bench testing of complete control panel and electrical devices performed prior to shipment.
  • Applicable ISO listing 9001:2000 applies
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