Scales and Balances

Laboratory scales and balances are scientific instruments used to measure the weight or mass of an object quickly and easily. They are one of the most essential instruments needed for routine processes in a number of laboratories, including micropropagation and other cell culture laboratories. Our full line of Sartorius and Torbal scales and balances are ideal for weighing and analyzing cell and tissue culture media, reagents and biochemicals. These high-quality units feature a sleek, well-constructed design with easy-to-read digital display, straightforward processing system and tough, long-lasting control keys or touch screen. Our laboratory scales and balances have the finest readability and accuracy providing the best, most precise results no matter what application you’re performing. Our scale and balance offering consists of the following:
  • Ultramicro / Micro Balances: these units feature weighing capacities of 1.1g to 31g and readabilities of 0.1µg to 10µg.  Some applications include counting, percent (%) weighing, timer, backweighing and diameter determination.
  • Analytical Balances: these units feature weighing capacities of 60g to 220g and readabilities of 0.01mg to 0.1mg.  Some applications include analytical weighing, counting, checkweighing, weighing under unstable conditions, peak hold and percentage (%).
  • Precision / Toploading Balances: these units feature weighing capacities of 150 to 8,200g and readabilities of 0.0007g to 1.0g.  Some applications include weighing, counting, check weighing, weighing under unstable conditions, peek hold and percentage (%).
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