Molecular Biology, Genomics and Proteomics
Our desire to better understand the researcher’s needs while acquiring new knowledge about the changing dynamic of the life science marketplace has allowed our business to include a comprehensive line of Molecular Biology Products. These products have demonstrated themselves to be of the highest quality and performance in the market and have aided researchers in their quest to unlock the mysteries behind the interactions of DNA and RNA, the human genome and the causes of many diseases and afflictions that plague our population. Included in our molecular biology product portfolio is a full line of nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis systems with the associated reagents, Biometra Thermal Cyclers for the amplification of DNA in PCR applications, Incubators for cell cultivation, and Water Purification Systems to rid lab water of chemicals and other contaminants. We also have a variety of general laboratory equipment to aid in other molecular biology, genomic and proteomic applications.