Mobile & Modular Laboratories
Mobile Laboratories
In response to the growing high containment needs and bringing laboratory capability to the field for fast, on site diagnostic work, as well as maintaining quarantine zones during disease outbreaks. Germfree, in partnership with the US Army, has pioneered the design and deployment of mobile laboratories.   These laboratories provide safe sample handling and transport during consequential outbreaks and can run via a landline when not deployed to continue diagnostic training programs.  All of Germfree’s mobile laboratories are designed to meet each individual customer need and application with full optimization of space for enhanced laboratory functionality.
These Mobile Laboratories include:
Truck Laboratories
Van Laboratories
Trailer Laboratories
Mobile Container Labs
Air C-130 Transportable

Modular Laboratories
Complementing our individual containment equipment offering, the new Germfree custom built modular laboratories give customers a complete, specialized, turnkey solution to fulfill their containment requirements by incorporating self contained HVAC systems, high containment filtration systems and laboratory furniture and casework.  Modular laboratory construction offers several advantages over traditional construction including faster design and construction.  Interior walls are made from Arcoplast which features a monolithic finish with no seams and coved corners for easy cleaning and effective decontamination.  Germfree also builds custom designed stainless steel BSL-3 casework that is specifically designed for effective decontamination.  Modular labs, built for up to BSL-3 specifications, typically include all welded stainless steel HVAC systems engineered for the climate it is shipping to.  Germfree integrates all the lab equipment including Class III BSCs and other primary containment equipment.

These Modular Laboratories include:
Modular Buildings
Containerized Modular Labs
BSL-3 HVAC Mechanical Suite
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