Mini Cold Rooms
Our Nor-Lake Scientific Mini Cold Room offering consists of refrigerators, freezers and combination models available for indoor or outdoor use depending on your application.  These rooms are specifically designed to provide controlled temperature environments for numerous applications including stability storage, biological research, shelf life testing and much more.  They feature a digital thermometer, 4” thick, foamed-in-place wall panels with HFC-134a polyurethane insulation, heavy duty, adjustable cam-lift door hinges with one spring loaded and a deadbolt locking handle with independent key/padlock and inside safety release.  We have 10,000 mini room models, all available to ship in about 10 days.
Product Features:
  • Applications include stability storage, biological research, shelf life testing and many others
  • 26 gauge stucco embossed coated steel on all surfaces except interior floor
  • 3 heights available
  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • Cold room, freezer or combination models 
  • Modular construction makes installation fast and easy
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