Monitoring and Automated Watering
In any vivarium application, monitoring and maintaining the environment and devices without exception each and every day is important for ensuring proper living conditions for the animals. Our partnership with Rees Scientific, an industry leader in automated environmental monitoring and automated watering as well as access control technology, provides us with impeccable systems for the laboratory animal research and vivarium research areas.  By eliminating traditional monitoring and watering formerly employed by animal facilities, labor costs and ergonomic injuries can be reduced, while reliability and cleanliness can be increased.  Below are a variety of options to ensure incomparable protection to both animals and those who handle the animals.
Custom designed to meet each client’s specific needs, our High Velocity Recirculating Automated Watering System saves you money and resources as well as ensures your animals have plenty of clean, fresh water to drink. Our complete Animal Solutions monitor the environment as well as control lighting and access.
Independent, Validated, Networked or Web based, Rees Scientific’s Centron EMS (Environmental Monitoring System) can offer a redundant monitoring system designed to meet your critical AAALAC and GxP regulations. The Centron offers Centralized Alarm Notification, Centralized Data Collection, Report Generation and Validation.
Don’t be tied down by wires. Wireless systems are great for monitoring warehouses, lab equipment, cold rooms, temporary space, carts or standard animal rooms.
The Rees Scientific system enables you to control and monitor access to your entire facility from your desktop computer. (for more details):  e-CENTRON combines several exceptional Rees Scientific features into one convenient and economical package. e-Centron unites Centron hardware, Web Access, an internal CDRW drive, Auto backup software, and 4 hour battery backup, all delivered in a Tower Chassis.
By establishing simple schedules based on time and date, Centron EMS eliminates the need for unreliable mechanical timers. (for more details):  The Satellite Tower will allow you to monitor up to eight inputs at a remote site. The Satellite Tower has all the capabilities of the Centron system with the exception of output controls, and it will operate over your existing TCP/IP WAN, allowing you to access information from multiple sites.
Rees Scientific combines over 20 years of experience in both Environmental Hardware design and Validation Protocol development to offer comprehensive packages for all of its Environmental Monitoring and Access Control Systems. All of our products are designed to meet today’s toughest standards
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