LN2 Cryogenic Storage
For long term storage or transportation in cryogenic temperatures (-196°C), we have an extensive line of MVE and Taylor Wharton cryogenic freezers and liquid nitrogen transport systems. Our fully automated, battery backed up freezers, are ideal for your large capacity or repository needs. Storage and dispensing is made easy with our diverse line of MVE and Taylor Wharton aluminum dewars and our cryoshippers will keep your material safe and frozen for those valuable samples that need to be transported anywhere in the world. Our LN2 freezers are engineered to maintain tight temperature uniformity for the most demanding applications such as assisted reproduction, blood and cell banking, cord blood storage, primary cell lines used in research and other applications in the pharmaceutical and veterinary sciences disciplines.  To compliment these cryogenic storage systems, we have a full line of accessories to aid you in the use of these LN2 freezers and inventory management systems to keep organized whatever you’re storing.
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