Ductless Fume Hoods

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The Captair Smart series of ductless filtering fume hoods are designed to protect users during applications that emit harmful vapors and/or chemical particles. Erlab’s advanced carbon filtration technology and/or HEPA/ULPA accomodates your specific needs and ensures the safety of personnel and the environment from pollutants. The high containment and filtration performance of this technology offers users a high degree of protection, and meets AFNOR NFX 15 211/ANSI Z9.5-2012 filtration efficiency standard (class 1 and 2).
Strong points:
  • Save on energy cost: eliminates costs related to systems extracting and supplying conditioned air
  • Eliminate Installation costs: no installation of ventilation system for air supply/extraction required, just simply plug into electrical outlet and use
  • Easily relocatable: on wheels and can easily be moved around laboratory without affecting the hood’s air balance
  • Protect the environment: eliminates direct emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere  and avoids pollution generated by the energy needed to run the airflow systems of traditional ducted fume hoods