NIST Traceable® Thermometers/Data Loggers for Vaccine Storage

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Temperature plays an important role in a variety of research applications including storing biological samples, reagents and temperature sensitive materials such as vaccines. During such applications, it is vital to maintain strict temperatures, which can be achieved by utilizing a thermometer. We offer innovative thermometers that are designed to measure the temperature within our cold storage products providing you with accurate readings. Available in Fahrenheit and Celsius, these thermometers feature min/max memory to monitor high and low readings, large, digital temperature display, and all the necessary materials needed to use these devices such as batteries, Velcro®, etc. Some additional features include high/low alarms, dual probes, date and time recording for out of range events and USB capability. All of our thermometers come with a Traceable® Certificate that validates the accuracy of these devices according to NIST standards. Our Traceable® Thermometers are some of the finest and most reliable temperature monitoring devices on the market today aiding in the protection of your valuable work.