PHC (formerly Panasonic) PRO® Series Upright ULT Freezers
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The PRO Series by PHC (formerly Panasonic Healthcare Corp) offers energy saving sample storage at an affordable price without compromising performance or reliability. They are ideally suited for use in hospitals and laboratories for long-term preservation and storage of biological samples, tissues, specimens, and components as well as materials testing. Their uniquely designed compressors are equipped to maintain temperatures as low as -86°C within the cabinet, while the foamed-in-place insulation within the cabinet walls and insulated inner doors provide outstanding temperature uniformity. These ultra-low temperature freezers also feature a microprocessor-based controller with digital display for better precise parameter management, an ergonomic outer door latch with padlock, and single handed inner door latches create a tight seal. True of all PHC ULT freezers, these units are also designed to maximize storage capacity within a space-saving footprint while keeping energy usage to a minimum. With the PRO Series, you’ll get an ultra-low temp storage solution that not only fits your budget, but delivers optimal performance.