Controlled Rate Freezers

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Controlled Rate Freezers provides the ultimate freezer temperature control system for temperatures down to -180°C. Utilizing a password protected laptop controller with Windows based operating system; this unit offers unlimited programming capability and temperature set points either by samples or the chamber. 
  • Laptop controller using Windows based operating system.
  • Unlimited programming capability.
  • Multi-color graphing of sample, chamber and program temperature.
  • Temperature set points by sample or chamber.
  • Programs and freeze data saved to hard drive or disc.
  • Password protected software.
  • Searchable database for freeze run history.
  • Freeze run graphs and data available via any standard USB printer.
  • 30 data fields available for each freeze run.
  • Continuous digital and graph display for time and temperature during operation.
  • Manual overrides for all operating functions.
  • Temperature range +50°C to -180°C.
  • Freezing rates of 0.01° to 99.9° per minute.
  • Program temperature hold of 1 second to 99 hours.
  • Six pre-set easy to run freeze programs
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