Custom BioGenic Systems V-5000ABEH Isothermal LN2 Freezer (Extended Height)

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  • Store samples at liquid nitrogen temperature with no liquid nitrogen contact.
  • Same internal usable space as existing liquid nitrogen freezers (no lost storage space).
  • Greatly reduces possibility of samples cross contamination.
  • Comes standard with 2301 Auto-Fill / Monitoring System.
  • Accommodates all standard rack systems.
  • Added user safety eliminating contact or splashing of liquid nitrogen.
  • Increased interior visibility.
  • Minimal interior temperature gradient.
  • Round space saving design.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Castor mounted for easy mobility.
  • Advanced woven lid gasket design.
  • Counter balanced lockable lid.
  • Annular fill and sensor tubes.
  • Aluminum square racks
  • Stainless steel square racks
  • Vertical racks
  • Mini racks
  • Canister and frame systems
  • Vials
  • Boxes
  • Canisters / Cassettes
  • Platform dividers
  • LN2 Capacity (Liters): 140
  • Neck Opening: 39"
  • Exterior Dimensions: Inches (MM)
    • Width: 47 (1,219)
    • Depth: 54 (1,371)
    • Height: 58 (1,473)
  • Interior Dimensions: Inches (MM)
    • Usable Height: 34 (864)
    • Usable Diameter: 40 (1,016)
  • Maximum Storage Capacities:
    • Vials (2ml): 46,500
    • Blood Bags (50ml): 2,208
  • Freezer Rack Info:
    • Capacity: 28 Racks (15 Boxes Per Rack, 420 boxes per freezer)
    • Rack options: CF-15-2 or CFA-15-2
2301 Controller Feautres:
  • Time tested, reliable and designed to keep your sample storage safe and secure.
  • New 16 Port Connector:
    • 0-5 volt outputs provide temperature & level data for connection to existing alarm/monitor system.
    • 4-20 mA outputs provide temperatur & level data for connection to exisitng alarm/monitor system.
    • Sequential and One-Fill-All-Fill input and output connection for filling systems.
  • New two level temprature display option:
    • Temp. A displays temperature at the lid, approximately 11"(27.94cm).
    • Temp. B displays temperature inside the storage space, approximately 20"(50.80cm)
  • Additonal Features:
    • Records 12 alarms & events such as fill start, fill stop, etc. with dated time stamp, printed or displayed.
    • Download cryomonitor data files to PC and convert them .csv files for use in Microsoft Excel.
    • Ethernet and auxiliary RS485 for future expansion.
    • Dedicated 24Vdc signal output to activate a third 24Vdc valve to control the LN2 supply.
    • Global Remote Alarm-Dry contact that switches during any alarm condition.
    • Date Log- Print or display Temp. A, Temp. B and level with date and time stamp.
Part Number  Description
55505VEH  Model V-5000ABEH Isothermal Freezer Including Series 2301 Autofill-Monitor System with Gas By-Pass System and LN2 Hose (Extended Height).
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