Carousel Isothermal LN2 Freezers
The Carousel Isothermal Liquid Nitrogen Freezers from Custom Biogenic Systems (CBS) provide the most consistent liquid nitrogen storage temperatures without any contact of LN2.  The liquid nitrogen is stored in a patented jacketed space in the wall of the freezer, offering safe dry storage for your samples. The carousel feature provides a convenient holder for freezer racks which rotates in order to easily remove racks from the system. The wide lid opening of these isothermal freezers allows for easy, unrestricted access to samples while maintaining temperatures inside the freezer. The Custom BioGenic Carousel Isothermal Liquid Nitrogen Freezers have an industry best temperature gradient that averages -193°C inside the storage area.
Hatch-style lift off lid with built in holder
  • Rotation of carousel by the unique ratchet handle on top of the freezer reduces operator hazard.
  • Easily remove one rack at a time.
  • No need to remove one rack to access the rack needed.
  • No unnecessary exposure to room temperature helps to maintain critical temperature stability.
  • Square lid opening allows access to square racks and helps reduce LN2 consumption.
  • Removable console allows access to storage area in case of emergency.
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