Panasonic VIP® ECO Series Ultra Low Temp Freezers
The new Panasonic Healthcare VIP ECO ultra-low temperature freezers with natural refrigerants now deliver more energy efficient and dependable ultra-low temperature storage with forward performing cooling systems. Panasonic freezers are designed, tested and field-proven for safe, reliable storage of biologicals.
Sustainability Advanced
  • New natural refrigerants minimize environmental impact without compromising ultra-low temperature performance.
  • Fast pull-down to -80°C demonstrates reserve cooling power
  • Fast recovery after door openings protects stored biological product integrity
  • Narrow interior uniformity, top to bottom, side to side, front to back minimizes uncertainty
  • Patented VIP Series cabinet design slows warm-up during power outage, saves energy
  • Unique internal heat exchanger increases performance envelope, tolerates high ambient temperatures
ENERGY STAR® Certified
ENERGY STAR Certified and independently tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
  • 7.30 kWh/day, Steady State Energy Consumption
  • 7.87 kWh/day, Daily Energy Consumption
New User-Friendly Cabinet Design
  • The Advanced Frost Control System is based on EZlatch, a new, one-hand door handle that simplifies door openings and closings.
  • Multi-point door gaskets protect the cabinet periphery to save energy, reduce moisture accumulation and eliminate ice build-up
  • The gasket is field-replaceable without tools and without shutting down or emptying the freezer
  • Robust, insulated inner doors with secondary gaskets provide added protection
  • Automatic vacuum relief permits quick door openings

Smart Controls with Graphic User Interface
  • The new full-color touchscreen controller serves as a control, eye-level display and data management center with USB port.
  • Graphical snapshots display temperature performance, door open frequency and duration, and other parameters
  • All setpoints, alarms, data download preferences and notifications are accessed through a password-protected interface
  • External Dimensions (W × D × H): 40.6" × 34.7" × 78.5" | 1030mm × 882mm × 1993mm
  • Internal Dimensions (W × D × H): 34.3" × 23.6" × 55.1" | 870mm × 600mm × 1400mm
  • Capacity (2" boxes) qty 576
  • Capacity (3" boxes) qty 384
  • Inventory Racks (2" boxes) qty 24
  • Inventory Racks (3" boxes) qty 24
  • Controller: Microprocessor, touchscreen data entry, password protected
  • Display: LCD color touchscreen
  • Refrigeration System: qty 2; Variable speed
  • Compressors: Synchronized variable speed cascade system
  • Refrigerant: High-stage R-290 natural refrigerant. Low-stage R-170 natural refrigerant
  • Inner Doors qty 2 insulated; ABS, w/ stainless steel frames and positive latches
  • Shelves qty 3 adjustable
  • Shelf Dimensions (W × D): 33.7" × 21.0" I 855mm × 534mm
  • Vacuum Relief Heated automatic with manual backup
  • Access Ports qty 3; Upper back wall (back-up system), bottom left (recorder sensor), bottom right (access)
Optional Accessories (sold separately)
  • MDF-UB7-PW: CO2 backup system for MDF-DU702VH
  • MDF702SLF: Additional Shelf For MDF-DU702VH
  • MDF-7ID4-PW: Inner Door Kit with 4 Smaller Doors for MDF-DU702VH
  • MDF-7ID5-PW: Inner Door Kit with 5 Smaller Doors for MDF-DU702VH-Additional Shelf needed. ORDER WITH MDF702SLF TO GET EXTRA SHELF (not included).
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