Chart MVE LN2 Fusion Freezers (Self-sustaining Cryogenic Storage)
The new Chart MVE Fusion Freezer is the first of its kind self-sustaining cryogenic freezer with the benefits of ergonomically designed lift-over heights; secure storage; extended hold times; reduced LN2 usage; remote location capabilities; no required vacuum piping; and low energy use.
Once charged, and using a minimal amount of liquid nitrogen, the Chart MVE Fusion’s high quality, stainless steel tank can provide long-term storage while maintaining a desired temperature to keep the cryogenic samples in your lab or work space safe. The Chart MVE Fusion operates as a stand-alone unit that requires no ongoing liquid nitrogen supply or piping to a liquid nitrogen supply source, making it ideal for those with limited access to liquid nitrogen in their facilities.
The Fusion works using Chart’s patented Qdrive cryo-cooler technology which provides long-term, reliable, dry storage in the tank. Dry storage helps reduce the potential of cross contamination by eliminating the liquid nitrogen variable, further protecting valuable samples; and even in the case of a power outage, the Chart MVE Fusion has a hold time of 7-10 days. Available in the 1500 model, the Chart MVE Fusion has capacities up to 31,200 1mL/2mL vials.
Features include:
  • Self-sustaining
  • Dry sample storage
  • Lowest lift-over height
  • Two tier folding step
  • Maximum Storage Capacity:
    • 1.2 & 2 ml Vials (Internally Threaded): 31,200
    • Number of Racks 100 cell boxes: 20
    • Number of Racks 25 cell boxes: 16
    • Number of Stages per Rack: 13
  • Performance:
    • LN2 Capacity: 50 liters
  • Unit Dimensions:
    • Neck Opening in. (mm): 12.5 (317.5)
    • Usable Internal Height in. (mm): 28.8 (732)
    • Inner Diameter in. (mm): 38.5 (978)
    • Overall Heigh in. (mm): 63.4 (1611)
    • Liftover Heigh in. (mm): 34.8 (883)
    • Door Width Requirement in. (mm): 42 (1067)
    • Weight Empty lb. (kg): 690 (313) estimated
    • Weight Liquid Full lb. (kg): 940 (426) estimated
  • Blood Bag Capacities:
    • Bag 791 OS/U (25ml): 2296
    • Bag 4R9951 (50ml): 1484
    • Bag 4R9953 (250ml): 752
    • Bag 4R9955 (500ml): 592
    • Bag DF200 (200ml): 416
    • Bag DF700 (700ml): will not fit through the neck
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