Electrophoresis Products
LABREPCO has complemented its molecular biology product offerings with a full line of electrophoresis equipment. We also offer reagents and accessories which provide researchers an extensive range of gel tanks to choose from depending upon the type of research being conducted. Our machines are proven to be laboratory favorites due to their high quality. They produce clear, accurate results for the separation of DNA, protein analysis or sequencing.
For researchers doing nucleic acid separations, we have a wide variety of agarose gel electrophoresis instruments ranging from small gel sizes with low sample runs to large gel sizes with high throughput. For separations of larger molecules of DNA we offer the Biometra Pulsed Field Electrophoresis Machine complete with Buffer Tank, Electrophoresis Chamber and Refrigerated Circulator. The analysis and separation of proteins using SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis instruments is made easier with our line of vertical gel systems complete with gel casting and blotting equipment. For fast mutation screening of large PCR fragments the Biometra TGGE (Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis) instrument gives microprocessor control providing ultimate reproducibility. This extensive line is made complete with a variety of sequencing systems and power supplies to complement any machine.
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