Cell Culture Equipment
Cell and tissue culture is the process of removing cells or tissues from humans, animals, plants, fungi, microbes, etc. and growing them in an in vivo controlled environment. These processes require a clean, safe environment free of contamination for both researchers and the samples being cultivated, which is why we strive to provide our customers with a product selection that offers just that. We specialize in a complete line of innovative cell culture equipment designed for any tissue culture application including cellular and molecular biology, tissue engineering, drug screening and development, and large scale manufacturing of biological compounds such as vaccines. Included in this product offering are biological safety cabinets, incubators and centrifuges from NuAire, liquid nitrogen cryogenic storage tanks from Taylor Wharton and Chart MVE, scales and balances from Sartorius and Torbal, and water purifications systems from Millipore, LabStrong Corp and Agape Water Solutions. To keep all of your lab supplies clean and contamination-free, we offer glassware washers from Lancer, autoclaves from Amerex, and sterilizers from Getinge. All of our cell culture equipment provide consistent, reproducible results for proper cultivation, incubation and preservation of cells.