LabRepCo Freezer Racks
Inventory management systems are designed to organize your sample inventory, making it easier to keep track of samples while optimizing the freezer’s interior space, eliminating unwanted dead space. LabRepCo offers some of the most durable, accessible and efficient freezer racks and inventory management systems on the market today. Our freezer racks are ideal for use with laboratory freezers, low temperature freezers, liquid nitrogen freezers and any other application where sample organization and space optimization is needed. We have a comprehensive selection of freezer racks that easily fit most brands of freezers and LN2 storage tanks such as our Futura and CliniCool lines, Thermo Scientific, HERAfreeze, Revco, Harris, Taylor Wharton, Chart MVE, Panasonic and New Brunswick (Eppendorf). Our sample inventory solutions include upright freezer racks, chest freezer racks, and LN2 freezer racks, canisters, frames and dividers. They are capable of storing 2”, 3” and 4” fiberboard, plastic and metal boxes, as well as centrifuge tubes, blood sample tubes, microtiter plates, blood bags and much more. To complement our freezer rack offering, we have an assortment of sample storage boxes, cell dividers, sample storage canes, and storage vials and tubes. If none of our standard racks fit your unit or application, we can custom design a rack tailored to meet your specifications.