The Most “Advanced” Thermal Cycler Yet

The three most important dynamics to consider when selecting a laboratory instrument are: precision, reliability, and reproducibility. Precision for accurate results, reliability for trusting your product can perform as needed, and reproducibility to guarantee experiments are handled in opportune fashion. LABRepCo proudly presents an innovative product that covers all three aspects while meeting expectations for a variety of users.


The Biometra TAdvanced Thermal Cycler

Biometra Thermal Cycler

The Biometra product line of thermal cyclers has proven their efficiency with previous versions of the product, but the TAdvanced is just that…their most advanced yet!

Much like the TProfessional Thermal Cyclers, the TAdvanced is available in 3 different models including; the TAdvanced (Avail. Oct. 2014), the TAdvanced ‘E’ (Avail. 2015), and the TAdvanced ‘S’ (Avail. Dec. 2014). All three are built with their own unique features to fit the specific needs of the end user.

The first feature in discussion is where all the magic happens, the High-Speed Thermal Block. Several options are available in regards to exchange of block modules and block construction:

  • Optional “quick block exchange” technology allows Biometra Thermal Cycler TAdvanced Block exchangefor an easy block swap, in-and-out of the machine within seconds. (‘E’ Model Only)
  • Aluminum Block Option: 96 well block, optimized to achieve silver-like ramping rates.
  • Silver Block Option (‘E’ & ‘S’ Models Only): 96 well block, with gold plated surface to protect against corrosion. Superior heat conductivity. Equilibrates extremely quickly. Extremely Durable. Maximum speed and temperature uniformity. Exceptional Reproducibility.
  • Rubber sealing surrounds the lid opening, encapsulating the space inside while trapping heat and ultimately improving temperature uniformity of the sample block. This also avoids the formation of condensed water at the final PCR cooling step thus protecting the Peltier elements and expanding the instruments life time.

The TAdvanced also features a new technology with its High Performance Smart Lid. This upgraded lid has been enhanced to heat twice as fast compared to older models shortening the length of protocol run times thus producing better results across the board. Benefits include:

  • Prevents condensed water forming at the reaction portion located above the block surface.
  • Prevents condensation of samples in tubes.Biometra Thermal Cycler Lid
  • Prevents ‘half baked’ reactions.
  • Ensures reliable contact between samples and the thermal block by applying constant pressure.
  • Integrated clutch mechanism lets user know when lid pressure is fully applied to reaction tubes, thus preventing risk of damaging samples or the system itself.

Just to make this unit even more dynamic, this thermal cycler has also integrated a built-in, state-of-the-art 7” Color Touchscreen User Interface. Installed at an angle to ensure reflection-free viewing and ergonomic programming, this machine tops the Biometra Thermal Cycler Screencharts when it comes to ease of use throughout the system. Software for programming PCR protocols includes Biometra’s proven spreadsheet philosophy and additionally a graphical programming mode. One touch is all you need to navigate from the spreadsheet to the alternative graphical mode, making the creation of a new/or editing of existing programs, fast and easy.

When considering lab bench space, this could be a perfect sized thermal cycler to fit your needs. The TAdvanced measures only 11.1 inches wide, making this narrow device perfect for labs looking to utilize their bench space. This allows for more work area from left to right and extra table space for other crucial instruments needed for your research.

A feature that is common in most thermal cyclers, the “latest program list”, displays a number of PCR programs that are collected and offered for quick start. Many consumers find this tool very helpful, but since they are typically ordered only by date, this requires the user to search the entire list for the desired program. In contrast the new TAdvanced software creates a User Specific Quick Start List of only the latest programs used by the user who is currently logged-in, assisting the user to easily find the programs they most frequently or previously used. In addition, a Program Preview Tool has been incorporated into the software to provide a summary of the protocol steps in a clearly arranged table. This provides a comprehensive overview on the protocol structure without the need to access programming screens, which helps eliminate wasted time and can be of must assistance to inexperienced users.

Locating the best primer annealing temperature is vital for precise and efficient PCR reactions. In order to quickly test new primer pairs with unknown annealing temperatures, a gradient model is available for optimization in a very short time. Unlike most gradient instruments where the temperature differentiates between each row or column, the TAdvanced has incorporated a Linear Gradient Tool for maximum convenience. This feature produces defined temperature increments between columns or rows and allows for a comfortable creation of gradient steps and the best annealing temperature can be easily transformed to a non-gradient protocol. A quick, precise annealing temperature not only allows for accurate results and optimized reactions, but also improves reproducibility and a higher throughput resulting in more data.Biometra Thermal Cycler TAdvanced Gradient

One of the greater conveniences of the new thermal cycler is that it has an Open System Philosophy regarding consumables and reagents, allowing the TAdvanced to be extremely universal. Depending upon the sample block used, this system can operate with single tubes, strips or plates. It can handle a variety of PCR plates whether standard or low profile and either skirted, semi-skirted or non-skirted. Regardless if the plates and plastic ware are sealed with domed caps, flat caps or sealing foil, the HPSL technology constantly applies the same pressure to the consumables for absolute reproducible conditions. This system is also not limited to any reagents regardless of vendor, and can be used with isothermal-, hot start-, or non-hot start polymerases to produce the same reliable results.

Last but not least, Security for Regulated Accounts has also been incorporated into the systems software allowing for management of up to 30 user accounts. Individual accounts can be customized any way needed while being defined by three different user levels: Administrator, a user with generic rights and a user with limited rights. An administrator account will have access to configure individual privileges for each user by activating or inactivating single rights. Password protection of accounts eliminates unauthorized access and prevents modifications to the system settings and PCR protocols, thus preserving reagents & plastic ware and protecting the machine from damage.

With its high performance and power, combined with an unbeatable software system, the TAdvanced Thermal Cycler clearly lives up to its name. Whether you are interested in the TAdvanced or TAdvanced Gradient, or even if you are unsure of what product would be most suitable for your applications, our specialists are always available to help out. For more information on this product or any others, give us a call at 1-800-521-0754 or send us an email at

Biometra Thermal Cycler Lid Open

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