Laboratory freezer rack configurations can be confusing.  There are so many models of lab freezers and a variety of sizes and types of racks that it is difficult to fit the two together.  LABREPCO's freezer rack configurator removes the guesswork and helps you put together an efficient freezer inventory system to fit your needs.  All you need is some basic information.  If you don't know what size freezer you have, or if you don't know how many racks will fit in your freezer, the system will automatically help you navigate through four easy steps.  Once you answer four easy questions, the system will recommend different rack configurations and even allow you to order them online.

Four Easy Steps:

  1. What type of freezer do you have? (e.g. upright, chest)
  2. Who manufactured your freezer? (e.g. Harris, Sanyo)
  3. What size freezer do you have?  Don't know?  We have a model number guide that has the corresponding size.
  4. What type of rack do you need?  (e.g. racks for 2" boxes, drawer racks for 2" boxes, etc.)
Get Assistance

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