Biocontainment Sterilizers
The GEB Series Steam Sterilizers by Getinge are specifically designed for sterilization and decontamination applications within BSL 3 and 4 facilities.  These units feature a robust, acid proof, stainless steel chamber with automatic sliding doors, a biological sealing flange (bioseal) for an airtight door seal and a specialized waste processing system to prevent steam penetration.
Product Features:
  • Effective decontamination process that minimizes waste to expensive kill tank systems.
  • Unique gas-tight barrier system (bioseal) available for high-risk labs, with third-party (notified body) certification.
  • Unique door locking system available for sliding doors which maintains door seal integrity without the need for media.
  • Decontamination systems for sanitation of the unit before service or in case of malfunction.
  • Single or dual sterile filter (patented solution) or incinerator as drain barrier. In-line testing of filters available.
  • Static bridge plate for direct floor-loading of racks without manual intervention
  • Wide range of options for adaptation to required BSL level and specific application and BSL.
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