Glassware Washer Accessories
There are a number of types, sizes and shapes of glassware and equipment used during daily lab processes.  We offer a wide range of accessories that are used in conjunction with any Lancer washer, all of which are designed to conveniently and efficiently aid you in maximizing your washer’s productivity.  The baskets and racks are capable of accommodating all kinds of glassware while the mobile trolleys/stands transport racks and accessories from the washer to other locations for unloading.  Available in three different chamber widths, Lancer’s racks feature a durable stainless steel construction, interchangeable and flexible load configuration and adjustable loading levels.  For more information about our Lancer glassware washer accessories contact your washer specialist.
Additional Accessories Include:
  • Baskets and Racks
    • Injector Racks
    • Basic Baskets
    • Insert Baskets
    • Pipette Racks
  • Combination Load Racks
  • Customized Racks
  • Plinths for undercounter glassware washers
  • Trolleys and Stands
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