Freezer Racks and Inventory Systems
Whether storing samples in an upright low temperature freezer, chest freezer or liquid nitrogen freezer, LabRepCo provides a diverse offering of freezer racks to complete your cold storage inventory management system. Designed to organize your laboratory freezers, our freezer racks make it easy to keep track of your biological samples while optimizing internal freezer capacity, eliminating unwanted dead space. All freezer racks are built to serve applications within the life sciences, clinical and biotech industries creating a systematized environment to help secure your samples while storing. To complement our freezer rack offering, we provide sample storage boxes, cell dividers, sample storage canes, storage vials, tubes and more to complete your perfect freezer configuration to be compatible with your applications and the specific types of samples you are storing. We have a comprehensive selection of freezer racks that easily fit most brands of freezers and LN2 storage tanks such as our Futura and CliniCool lines, Taylor Wharton, Chart MVE, Panasonic, New Brunswick (Eppendorf) and many more. With our comprehensive catalog of freezer racks we pledge to help you find the specific style & size perfect for your application.