-20C Manual Defrost Medical Freezers

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These benchtop and undercounter manual defrost medical freezers are a viable solution for safe storage at a temperature of -20°C, which is ideal for various routine clinical, medical or pharmacy applications. When paired with our NIST traceable thermometers, our small CliniCool©, Panasonic, and Marvel Scientific freezers are designed to to safely store vaccines, patient medication and biological samples meeting CDC regulations for vaccine storage and Vaccines for Children (VFC).  These freezers feature a robust manual defrost system, digital temperature display, CDC approved power cords and a high-quality construction. They are ideal for small clinical laboratories, satellite pharmacies, nursing stations and patient rooms, all with limited space or small sample volumes. Our undercounter and counter top freezers are available in 1.5 to 5.4 cubic foot sizes as well as an ADA compliant model.