Laboratory Furniture and Storage
Maximizing productivity is an important task for Lab Managers. To accomplish this they must ensure that the lab is a well organized, safe environment for employees as well as having the ability to meet any future demands of the laboratory. You need to conduct your research in comfort while having the ability to access tools quickly from organized, safe storage. Our mobile and fixed line of Laboratory Furniture Solutions provides the desired durability, flexibility and comfort that enable laboratory researchers to effectively complete studies while also providing the flexibility to meet new challenges in the laboratory. This product offering is anchored in our flagship line of Metro Laboratory Furniture and Storage Solutions. From laboratory carts, shelving, tables and storage systems all Metro products offer a mobile, flexible and versatile solution. Complimenting these products is our full line of high quality Biofit laboratory chairs and stools. Biofit ergonomic laboratory seating is designed to help eliminate the growing amount of back injuries suffered by researchers by providing comfort and support while you perform seated experiments and diagnostic work. We will consult with you to configure the correct laboratory seating depending on the work area and laboratory requirements. Our product offering also includes a variety of Storage Cabinets for hazardous materials such as Acid and Flammable products. We specialize in both standard and custom furniture storage solutions along with a speciality polypropylene furniture product for corrosive environments. If your needs require a more custom solution our Storage Solutions Specialist will assist you in designing a system that will work most effectively for you.